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YUDU Publisher

Digital Publishing Features

Discover how YUDU Publisher helps you control your distribution, create interactive content and improve engagement with your audience.

Access & Control


Web Browser Access

Your audience can access content via any modern web browser - including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, and Opera.


Multi-Device Access

Devices are covered too - deliver your content to any internet-connected smartphone, tablet or desktop device.


App-Based Access

Work with our team and build an app for iOS, Android or Windows. Offering your audience mobile app access to all your content.


Content Delivery Networks

Deliver content-rich digital publications in seconds with our Content Delivery Networks. Even during traffic spikes or DDoS attacks.


Content & Resources Library

Give your audience centralised access to all your digital content and resources in one place.


Control Content Access

Protect and control access to your premium content with robust login, subscription and device controls.



Plain Text Version

Create a plain text version of your digital publication which can be optimised to become AAA WCAG 1.0 accessible.


Screen Reader Compatibility

Offer content accessibility to individuals with visual impairments through our platform compatibility with select screen reader technologies.


Dynamically Change Text Size

Users can easily adjust the text size for improved readability in line with their needs, using our unique PhoneView technology.


Keyboard Shortcuts for Navigation

Give readers with visual and motor impairments the ability to access and navigate your content via keyboard shortcuts.



Control Advert Placements

YUDU Publisher is advert-free by default. The only adverts in your digital publications are added by you. Giving complete control over the monetisation of your content.


Include Remarketing Tags

Add remarketing tags to your content from platforms like Google, LinkedIn and Facebook. Build and retarget audiences with relevant advertising through your chosen display networks.


Create Interactive Adverts

Capture reader attention and drive increased advert engagement with interactive elements including video, slideshows, pop-ups, ticker-tapes, animations and more.



Built-in Analytics

Track and measure the performance of your digital content and associated marketing campaigns with built-in analytics. Use this insight to make content improvements.


Google Analytics Integration

Extend the power of Google Analytics to your digital publication. Understand how customers find and engage with your content to improve the customer journey and marketing ROI.



Fully Brand Your Content

Add custom branding to the platform for a consistent look and feel that leverages existing brand recognition and trust.


Custom Domain Hosting

Deliver the full functionality of YUDU Publisher on any domain or subdomain of your choosing.

Content Apps


iOS and Android Compatible

Give your audience iOS and Android apps to deliver content and create a new marketing channel.


Drive Digital Subscriptions

Drive content subscriptions direct from your mobile app with an integrated subscription sign up form.


Mobile App Push Notifications

Alert your audience to new content with mobile app push notifications to drive continued engagemen


Offline Content Access

Give app users the ability to read your content anytime, anywhere with offline access to your digital publications.


Create a Library of Digital Content

Provide your audience access to a complete library of your content direct from their mobile device.


Custom Navigation Screens

Create custom navigation pages to help your audience easily find the content they're looking for.



Fixed-Layout Print Reproducation

Create a digital replica of your print content with fixed-layout print reproduction that can be easily enhanced with video.


Reflowable HTML 5

Ensure your content is optimised any device by converting it into re-flowable HTML5. Allowing it to reshape and look great on any screen size.


Mobile-First Design with PhoneView

Give your audience content designed and optimised for consumption on smartphone devices with our range of templates.

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Design With Digital In Mind

Create content with digital in mind - optimised for mobile and tablet devices, using triggers to include video, audio and animation


Third Party HTML Assets

Use HTML exports from third party software, such as Articulate, to deliver interactive quizzes, tests, virtual tours and much more.



Content Hyperlinking

Add hyperlinks to content allowing your audience to move with ease through your digital publication and to external webistes.


Embed Interactive Content

Drive engagement by adding interactive content like animations, video and more using embeddable iframes.


Create Interactive Pop-up Content

Focus reader attention and offer interactive experiences with pop-up content that can include animation, images, video, and more.


Embed Video Content

Bring your content to life by adding video. Embed videos directly from YouTube and Vimeo, or host them locally on the YUDU platform.


Traditional Page Turning Experience

Give your audience the traditional print experience of turning pages, recreated in the digital realm complete with sound effects.


In-App Browser

If you link to external websites, YUDU's in-app browser keeps your audience in the framework of the app - so they can easily return to the original content.



Content Highlighting & Note-taking

Increase engagement for learning-based materials with highlighting and note-making tools on the page.


Enhanced Delivery with Video & Audio

Enhance your digital publications with video, audio and animations to cover multiple learning styles for improved comprehension and engagement.



Showcase with Free Samples

Use the platform to deliver free samples of your content, along with time-limited access to help drive digital publication sales.


Create a Product Catalogue

Create an online product catalogue and showcase your latest digital publication releases, services and updates.


Slidedecks and Presentations

Use YUDU Publisher to deliver slidedeck presentations to your sales team. Which they can share with prospects to support the sales process.


Search Engine Friendly

Increase your digital publications reach with content indexed and available through major search engines - Google, Bing, and Yahoo.


Regular Search Engine Spider Crawls

YUDU is crawled up to 200,000 times a day, so your new online content appears in search engines faster.



Include Shopping Carts

Give customers the power to make purchases direct from your content by adding shopping cart functionality.


Include Product Order Forms

Integrate product order forms, giving customers the power to complete orders direct from your mobile app.


SKU Linking to E-Commerce

Drive sales with SKU hyperlinking. Direct customers to your e-commerce site, or build a shopping cart into your online catalog.



Advanced Search

Add the power of search to your digital content. Users can find and navigate content faster for an improved reading experience.


Content Archive Search

Give your audience the ability to search and navigate your complete archive of online content using keywords.



Access Control for Premium Content

Apply settings across your free samples and premium content to manage access to your content.


API Integration with 3rd Party Platforms

Use our fully featured API to integrate and sync with your subscription management system for easy access control.


Subscription Management

Easily manage subscribers and control device access with YUDU Publisher's built-in subscription management system.


Migration Support Service

We'll help to ease your transition from an existing publishing platform with our expert migration support service.


Upload Redemption Codes

Provide value to customers with redemption codes allowing access to content, free trials, or part of an existing print deal.



User Annotations & Highlights

Users have the ability to add notes and highlights to your content, to help them return to key points later.


Content Bookmarking

Users can also bookmark content to quickly and easily return to their last reading point.


Interactive Navigation Menu

Create an interactive menu in the toolbar, so users can navigate your content at speed with minimal effort.


Sharing Tools

Make it easy for your audience to share screenshots and links with their network.


Download to PDF for Offline Access

Download a PDF version of your browser based content, so users can access it at a time to suit them.

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