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Finding new and innovative ways to increase the reach of your digital magazine will help drive subscriptions and revenue. From tried and tested strategies to experimental approaches, we’ve put together an extensive list of ideas you can use to expand your magazines audience.

Optimise for search engines

By optimising your digital magazines for search engine platforms, you can drive increased volumes of natural search traffic. Here are just a few ways you can do this:

  • Conduct keyword research and incorporate relevant keywords into your content, meta tags, and headlines to attract organic traffic.
  • Make sure your content is optimised for desktop, tablet and mobile. Especially mobile, considering Google’s mobile-first approach to crawling and indexing content.
  • Optimise page-load speed – fast loading pages will have a better chance of high rankings. Compressing images, choosing a high performing hosting partner, web and browser caching are just a few ways to do this. Page-load also influences bounce rate and user experience which we’ll look at later.

Amplify with social media

Social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn are powerful channels through which to amplify and grow your online magazine’s reach. There are multiple ways you can do this which include:

  • Integrating social sharing into your magazine content – embed social sharing buttons directly into your digital content, or add them to your navigation toolbar, allowing your readers to easily share your digital magazine.
  • Establishing a strong presence on social media platforms where your target audience is active - share excerpts, teasers, or highlights from your magazine content, along with visually appealing images or videos, to generate interest and drive traffic back to your digital magazine.

Leverage email marketing

Email is another incredibly useful channel for building your online presence and amplifying the reach of your magazine. A few ways you can leverage email marketing include:

  • Building an email list of subscribers who are interested in your magazine's niche. Regularly send them newsletters with snippets of your magazine content, exclusive offers, or behind-the-scenes information to keep your subscribers engaged and encourage them to visit your online magazine.
  • Making it easy for your audience to email your magazine content to others – include an option for readers to email content from the magazine direct from the navigation toolbar.

Collaborate with influencers

Identify influencers or thought leaders in your industry who have a substantial following. Partner with them to promote your digital magazine by featuring their content, interviews, or articles. Their endorsement can help expand your reach and bring in new magazine readers.

Guest blogging and cross-promotion

A bit like influencers, write guest posts for other websites or blogs that share a similar target audience. Include links back to your magazine or specific articles to drive traffic. Collaborate with complementary brands or publications for cross-promotion, where you promote each other's content or offer joint subscriptions.

Offer free or discounted trials

Providing a limited-time free trial or discounted subscription is a great way to attract new readers. This gives them a chance to experience your magazine's value and encourages them to become long-term subscribers.

Engage with your audience

Be active and participate in discussions related to your magazine's content on social media, forums, or online communities. Respond to comments and feedback from readers, fostering a sense of community and encouraging word-of-mouth promotion.

Host virtual events or webinars

Organise virtual events or webinars related to your magazine's content. Invite industry experts as speakers or panellists to attract a broader audience and generate buzz around your online magazine.

Leverage user reviews and testimonials

Encourage your readers to leave reviews and testimonials about your magazine. This can be on third-party review sites like Trustpilot or your own site. Make sure to display positive feedback prominently on your website and social media platforms as this builds trust and attracts new readers.

Create an affiliate program

Establish an affiliate program where influencers, bloggers, or even your readers can earn a commission for promoting your magazine and driving new subscriptions. This will unlock all new channels through which prospective readers can find your online magazine.

Monitor and analyse you data

Ensure your digital publishing platform has built-in analytics or integrates with Google Analytics. Regularly track and analyse data related to your magazine's reach, engagement, and conversions. Use this data to unlock insights and identify areas for improvement in your marketing strategies.

Utilise push notifications

Explore the prospect of using web push and mobile app notifications to send updates, new article alerts, or exclusive content notifications directly to your readers' devices. This can help keep them engaged with your magazine and encourage return visits.

Develop a mobile app

Create a dedicated mobile app for your digital magazine. This can provide a seamless and immersive reading experience, as well as additional features such as personalised recommendations and offline reading capabilities.

Final thoughts

Remember to monitor the effectiveness of each strategy and adapt your approach based on the feedback and data you gather. Building the reach of your digital magazine takes time and continuous effort, so be patient and persistent in your marketing efforts.

Edward Jones
Post by Edward Jones
August 21, 2023
A digital marketing expert with 10+ years experience across the full range of disciplines. Edward has an extensive history as a writer, with more than 300+ published articles across the technology and digital publishing sectors.