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Crystal clear text that scales to any size without loss in quality

In 2023, we set out to enhance Publisher and make it simpler for you to create easy-to-read digital publications that look amazing on any device. Allowing you to deliver content to readers with increased accessibility and greater engagement.

Today, we are hugely excited to announce the upcoming introduction of Vector Text on the YUDU Publisher platform for 2024. A brand new feature that allows you to deliver digital publications with crystal clear text that scales without compromising on quality. Offering a marked improvement in the readability of your content across any device or screen size.

Vector Text vs Page Tiler

Image: Text quality comparison for Page Tiler versus Vector Text

How Vector Text works

To deliver Vector Text and its associated benefits, we've added new technology behind converting your PDF into a digital publication. Creating a new digital publication with Vector Text involves converting your PDF into SVG files, with the text represented as vector graphics.

The main advantage Vector Text brings is the ability to scale to any size without losing quality. Meaning, text in your digital publications will be crystal-clear on any screen - from a smartphone to a 4k desktop monitor.

Your readers will experience the benefits of razor-sharp text on any high-pixel density or retina display. Text in your digital publications can now be read without zooming in.

Moving beyond Page Tiler

Currently, your PDF is converted into JPEG files and split into sections to create your digital publication. A feature we refer to as Page Tiler.

This is a clever way to create visually appealing, fast-loading and responsive digital publications. However, if the quality of the original PDF file is sub-optimal, it becomes prone to a loss of quality when scaling to different sizes.

With the arrival of Vector Text, the Page Tiler process will become a secondary option on the Publisher platform. 

What happens in Future

Starting in January 2024 - when converting your PDF into a digital publication - you have the option to choose either the new Vector Text process or the older Page Tiler format. Giving you options of how you wish to deliver text in your digital publications.

The introduction of Vector Text will not be applied to any digital publications created prior to its release. If you want to unlock the benefits of Vector Text for your back catalogue of publications, you can re-process the original PDF file(s) and republish your existing publications.

To find out more about this, you can reach out to the Publisher team on

Edward Jones
Post by Edward Jones
November 20, 2023
A digital marketing expert with 10+ years experience across the full range of disciplines. Edward has an extensive history as a writer, with more than 300+ published articles across the technology and digital publishing sectors.